La Ferme Des Humains


Moroccan immigrant Karim and drug dealer J.P. can insult each other all day, but in the end the men are inseparable and love nothing better than to spend their days lounging on park benches, swearing, smoking joints, and annoying passers-by with dirty come-ons, racist jibes or cruel remarks. It’s a carefree, selfish life of debauchery that Karim’s parents detest, but it passes the time – until it reaches its limits and everything goes up in smoke.


Karim Jallal

Raphael Lacaille

Dominic Quarré

Fayolle Jean

Didier Lucien

Production Team

Director of Photography

Pawel Pogorzelski

Sound Design & Mix

Matt Sherman


Onur Karaman

Consulting Producer

Marcel Giroux

Producer & Director

Onur Karaman


Onur Karaman